Windows Server Update Issues with SharePoint

Recently my colleagues and myself have run across situations where Microsoft Windows Server updates have been causing issues within the SharePoint environment. We have started a list of those that we have recently run across however we know that this is not a comprehensive listing, so please feel free to add comments on more that you may have found.

Typically with any of these issues the fix is as simple as uninstall and a reboot of the server. Also make sure whatever updating software you are using that you suspend these updates from being installed in the future.

    KB 2844286 – Server 2008 R2 SP1 (More Details)

    KB 2844285 – Server 2003 SP2 (MS has released an update More Details)

    KB 2844287 – Server 2008 SP2 (More Details)

    KB 2840633 – Server 2012 (More Details)

    I will update this list when we find more or if Microsoft actually fixes these fixes!