Microsoft IT Is Talking

Over the last couple years that I have been an instructor I have noticed a big trend from Microsoft.  They are opening the resources of the teams that create the Microsoft products in many different ways.  Many of the team have blog sites that talk about what they are working on, new developments or even how to use the current version.  Personally I have frequented the Exchange and InfoPath team blog sites for added value to my classes and personal knowledge as I work on those products. 

Recently, Microsoft launched the Talking About Windows site.  This site gives some very interesting information about Microsoft client application Windows 7.  This site makes available the engineering team for Windows 7.  This  really gives the IT Professional a way to get into Microsoft’s head when it comes to Windows 7.  I personally enjoyed Mark Russinovich and Jon Devaan videos.  Again another great way to understand why Microsoft created Windows 7.  Anything to get a leg up on Microsoft prior to a release, the better.

Happy testing!!