SharePoint Online Feature Set

Many times as I am working with a client I find it important to understand which version of SharePoint they purchased and what features are available. That way I can build out the environment with these features in mind. With all the recent changes to the SharePoint Online environment, it can be very difficult to keep up with these changes.

There is a great website on MS TechNet that lists all of the different features associated to the versions of Office 365 that are available. Just like anything else on TechNet it maybe difficult to wade through the masses of information that is available. Recently I have been playing with the Excel 2013 add-in called Power Query (Download Add-In Here) and the ability to scrape information from a website (See this Office Support page for Importing data from web page). One of the nice things about Power Query is that I can go in and refresh the information in the spreadsheet (depending if webpage has not physically changed) it should update the information. The following is the results of playing around with this Excel 2013 Power Query feature. Hope you are able to use this information.



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