SharePoint Conference 2012 – Keynote

We just finished up with the Keynote Address for the opening of SharePoint Conference 2012. This keynote focused SharePoint 2013 innovations, the Yammer acquisition and integration, as well as changes within the Development model around the SharePoint App model found in SharePoint 2013 and updated Office365. Here are some of the tidbits I picked up.

General Information

  • Microsoft is going towards a model where cloud updates are moving from every 3 years to every 90 days

SharePoint SkyDrive Pro

  • Connection to your personal documents
  • Capability to have a local cached copy of these documents through Sync
  • Windows 8 application will connect to SkyDrive or SkyDrive Pro
    • SharePoint Online (Office365 updated version coming)

  • My Tasks aggregates Tasks across all Site Collections within the SharePoint environment
  • Tasks can be aggregated from Exchange 2013 (Office365 and on-premises)


  • 61% of organizations are doing social networking of one thing or another
  • Yammer is moving towards more integration with Office products
  • Currently Yammer developed Open Graph – development platform to integrate across multiple products
  • Connects to information within SkyDrive Pro from SharePoint
  • Co-Authoring will work across multiple platforms: Yammer, SharePoint, SkyDrive Pro
  • Yammer will be coming out with a Windows 8 applications
  • Version include standalone, Office 365 it is free for E1 – E4 pricing models, Enterprise or Paid offering will be greatly reduced

SharePoint 2013 – Search

  • Personal re-find links show previous search queries that were completed before
  • Visual refiners are included out of the box
  • Hover panel will display the document with specific commands and features associated to the content
  • Indexing will go through a PowerPoint slide deck and pull back slide headers and display them as links within hover panel

SharePoint 2013 – Publishing

  • Can use any design tool to create SharePoint MasterPages, for example Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Using Design Manager to import those files into SharePoint 2013
  • SharePoint 2013 has capability to generate code Snippets for SharePoint controls that can be added into the pages

SharePoint 2013 – eDiscovery

  • This works across multiple Microsoft products including SharePoint 2013, Exchange 2013, Lync 2013 and file shares
  • Capable of exporting the eDiscovery information into industry standard

SharePoint 2013 – Upgrade

  • Capability of upgrading per Site Collection by the Site Collection Administrator
  • Theoretically can run SharePoint 2010 code because of Site Collection Upgrade
  • Health Check can be run from Site Collection prior to upgrade to see what breaks – found in Site Collection settings at top level site
    More to come.



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