TechFuse Recap–Office 365

I recently talked at Benchmark Learning’s TechFuse conference at the Minneapolis Convention Center. This is always a great event to see many different IT people and business people from other industries I not typically get to engage with. Whenever I speak at events within Minnesota and the surrounding areas on how new SharePoint is to the vast majority of people and companies out there and how much they really need something like SharePoint.

Office 365

So my first presentation was entitled “What Does Office 365 Mean to Your Organization?”. This was on day one of TechFuse and labeled as the “Cloud” portion of the conference. It was very interesting to me to see how many people were attending the session and did not really know what Cloud was. Luckily I had a couple of attendees who were already using some of Microsoft’s cloud or had an iPad and was using iCloud.

Some of the more interesting points of my presentation was some of the basic facts about having Microsoft host some of your services through Office 365. For example, Microsoft will guarantee 99.9% uptime which equates to 45 minutes a month of downtime. Also Forrester had a survey down for Microsoft in 2011 that claimed an ROI of 321% for midsize organizations.

Whenever I talk about the Cloud and Office 365 inevitably the question comes around to how secure is the information in the cloud. Personally I believe it is very secure, in fact most of the time more secure than what you can provide. This usually startles some people, but I continue stating that companies like Microsoft does not have just 1 person working on security for their products. They will have many people working on security and improvements to the system. What’s not to like about that?

When it comes down to it choosing something like Office 365 comes to organizations goals and if the products will do what is needed. Anytime we are talking about the cloud we need to discuss features. More specifically we use the term “Parity” when comparing to their on premises brethren. Currently Exchange is the most mature with almost equality parity with its on premises version. Lync is getting there especially when you also purchase a PBX to use with the product. SharePoint Online is the one product that still has a lot of growth and the one reason why small and medium organizations will more than likely not migrate. Especially if they want to take advantage of some of the advanced business intelligence features.

Stay tuned for follow up on my other TechFuse seminar “SharePoint Business Applications at your Fingertips” when I go into SharePoint No-Code Application building principals and how to start from the ground up.

Here is my deck from SlideShare.



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