5 thoughts on “SharePoint, InfoPath and User Profile Web Service Issues

  1. Jay says:

    I’m having this exact problem and I got myself to the secure store and everything working with the exception of getting the same shared account users details in everybody’s form now. I almost follow how you got past that with setting the account name and querying the dataconnection with it. Can you elaborate a little more on what you did and where to configure those rules?

    • Jay says:

      Nevermind I figured out what I was doing wrong. After reading this post I got very excited I had the solution I went and added the rules to my form load but it wasn’t working. The reason was my data connection was set to automatically retrieve data on form load. Using this technique you will want to NOT have that happen. Thanks for the post!

      • talesfromitside says:

        You are absolutely correct Jay. Since we are using the conditional features of InfoPath we want that to retrieve the data from the data source not the connection.

  2. Would you please tell me what is the step 1 for?? What is the use of secure store here?
    and what is SPContent, is it the search content access accout?


    • talesfromitside says:

      Ultimately this allows somebody to quickly gain access to the user profile service to gather the manager information. Because an issue within SharePoint/InfoPath this may not work. Interesting enough it depends upon the installation and what is happening within that SharePoint environment. I have found the need to do this in some clients and sometimes not.

      As far as SPContent, this would be whatever service you are using to access your content databases within the SharePoint environment. In our case it is the SPContent account.

      Hope this helps.

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