Migrating to Windows 7? How about some Education!

The Windows 7 arena is starting to heat up for corporate America. Many organizations are just now looking at doing rollouts of Windows 7 starting the summer of 2010 through the end of the year.

From a deployment point of view, education is usually one of those things that most organizations leave out. However, to make sure that a successful deployment happens it is one of the most important.

Most organizations take a look at a new OS through the eyes of the current OS. That OS would be Windows XP. My favorite line that was coined by a counterpart of mine is “You don’t know what you don’t know!”. Which is so true when it comes to Windows 7. In some of my sessions I ask a series of questions to see if anybody has ever heard about “XYZ”? So let’s see how you do.

Have you heard about?
1. Reliability Monitor
2. Task Scheduler
3. Problem Step Recorder
4. User Account Control
5. AppLocker
6. Device Installation Policies
7. Group Policy Preferences
8. Remote Server Administration Tools
9. BitLocker To Go
10. Network Profiles

If you had a score of less than 5, you would be missing most of the functionality of Windows 7. Most people use a new OS like they did the current OS.   “You don’t know what you don’t know!”

Your support teams will need to either take the time to find all the relevant information about the new OS or they will need training.  This training will need to be on multiple fronts.  Those teams that are working with Active Directory and policies that will govern Windows 7, the Desktop Design team will need to know all the functionalities that are available in Windows 7, the Support teams will need to look at what different and new that could cause issues for the end user.  That is not to even talk about the internal Development teams that need to make sure the new client can run all applications within the organization.

Please do not foget the End User who will be greatly effected by the new look and feel that Windows 7 brings to the client.

Ultimately, this knowledge will lead to the a more successful deployment of Windows 7 into your environment and hopefully you will not be in the category of  “You don’t know what you don’t know!”


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