Windows 7 Delivery Timeline Released

Microsoft just release expected delivery dates of Windows 7 on a day that saw them change the product version to Ready To Manufacturer (RTM).  So what does this mean to you.  Here are some of the important dates to remember:

August 6th – OEM release, TechNet Plus Subscribers (English version), MSDN Subscription (English version)
August 7th – Volumn Licensing with Software Assurance
August 16th – Gold and Certified Microsoft Partners (English version)
August 23rd – Action Pack Subscribers (English version)
September 1st – Volume Licensing without Software Assurance
October 1st – Gold and Certified Microsoft Partners (Other Languages), Action Pack Subscribers (Other Languages),TechNet Plus Subscribers (Other Languages), MSDN Subscription (Other Languages)
October 22nd – PC’s available for retail sale and purchase of the software available to the public.

For those who would like to wait and continue with Windows 7 RC, the software will reboot every two hours March 1, 2010 and will expire June 1, 2010.   

As an interesting side note, Microsoft is said to start providing Family Pack licensing for purchase with Windows 7.  This will allow consumers to purchase 3 licenses of Windows 7 Home Premium in select markets.  Unfortunately this is all that has been started about this license version.  Stay tuned for more!

Some information was gathered from the following Windows 7 Team Blog site:

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