Windows 7 Smaller Footprint

 Much of the information coming out of Redmond about Windows 7 is wrapped around how this OS has many of the same components that Windows Vista had (actually more like Windows Vista SP1).  Yet, you also hear that the OS size has been reduced.
 So what gives?  Microsoft, decided to remove many of the applications that were originally in Vista.  By removing, I actually mean not available upon installation.  So, try looking for Movie Maker in a Windows 7 machine.   How about Picture Gallery?  These were included in Vista, but because of space needs were removed for Windows 7.

So can I still get them?  Absolutely.  Microsoft Windows Live Essentials is where they have moved.  You can also find Instant Messenger as well as a couple new applications that can be downloaded and added to the Windows 7 client.  Or for that matter, Vista or XP SP2 (Note:  Windows Live Movie Make is not supported on Windows XP).   Go to to download these applications and get to work.


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